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Grandpa K…….

My dad’s father always seemed to be working the swing shift, when my cousin, Cheryl, and I spent the night with them. Grandma K would pack us in the old Chevy and we would go pick him up at 11 … Continue reading

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The Name Game……..

Being the oldest in my family I was around for most of the naming games my parents played. As previously reported, I was Susan Kay not Susan Lee or Sylvia Kay. The first born son was named after my dad. … Continue reading

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Sesquicentennial Kansas……

The State of Kansas turned 100 years old when I was in the fourth grade.  My classmates and I had a double dose of all things Kansas because fourth grade was the designated year to study Kansas history. My mother … Continue reading

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A Sam Down Day

Sam has a fever and an earache. His Mama took him to the walk-in hours at his pediatrician office in the morning. Walk-in hours at a children’s doctor’s office are a really great innovation. The sick children are separated from … Continue reading

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Network Central….

Networking is as natural to me as breathing. I am curious about people and like connecting them with other people or organizations for both personal and professional reasons. A friend once told me I was a bridge to other people and … Continue reading

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Twitter Doodle…….

Today I was researching the feasibility of having a Twitter account for our business. The Twitter website announces the new TWITTER.COM and assures us we will all have access to the new and improved version. New and improved, or … Continue reading

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Exhilaratingly Exhausted……..

We spent the second day of our workshop determining our Ideal Amazing Customers, Creating Multiple Streams of Revenue, Marketing Maximization, Creating a Success Support Team and developing our Inspired Action Plan. We each have an accountability partner. My partner and … Continue reading

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Facing My Fears…….

Facing My Fears…… Yesterday and today I am attending the Fresh Entrepreneur Boot Camp sponsored by Ladies Who Launch Chicago, facilitated by Traci Ellis, Attorney and Market Leader for LWL Chicago. My personal goal was to come away with the … Continue reading

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As Seasons Turn…….

Greetings from northern Illinois where it is a sunny 3 degrees. Jem is curled up in his warm spot. I have to shoo and push Princess and Eugene  out the pet door. Every day Mike is emailing me really good home … Continue reading

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My Favorite Things…….

   Birdhouses….. boxes ….fluffy clouds ….toasted marshmallows… babies laughing…. children playing…. unicorns…. kittens…. puppies…. Fourth of July parades…. white sand beaches…. purple mountain majesties… waving golden wheat fields…… glass of Merlot…. blue patterned china… magic of Christmas…. music boxes…. chocolate…. campfires,,,, … Continue reading

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