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Gene Street……

On our way home today we gave our customary royal wave to a street about 1.5 miles from our house. We have been doing this every time we drive by the street for the past three months. Eugene, the Jack … Continue reading

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Parking Lot Mama……

Sunday we had breakfast at the Colonial Café. Leaving the restaurant we saw a pair of Canada geese who had set up housekeeping on an island in the Hobby Lobby parking lot next door. We pulled close and could see they were wary of … Continue reading

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Farmville Update…….

Last week Mike found a horse drawn sleigh on Craig’s List. He talked me into going three towns over to check it out. The owner told us the sleigh came from Wisconsin sixteen years ago. She had it on the … Continue reading

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The Eagles Have Landed………..

When I moved back to the area six years ago I stayed with friends for several months an hour away from my place of work. Needing a place to deposit my money, I found a US Bank we used years … Continue reading

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Winter Wonderland

  We had 21” of snow last week.  There have been over 50” inches of official snowfall in our area this winter season. Snow has been on the ground for a very long time. Mike is still singing the sunny … Continue reading

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Phil and Me………..

Years ago we lived in an old farmhouse with some acreage. For daily exercise I created a walking path. I would walk the long way around the farm pond, make a figure eight loop by the back of the barn; … Continue reading

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Animal House…

There are several pets living in our house. The cat and I are most in tune with each other. We respect each other’s privacy, allow for each other’s occasional need for attention and do not get upset if the other is … Continue reading

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