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Food, family, fun ……

Reunion picnics are part of the crazy patchwork quilt of our childhood. When we were young, my siblings and I measured the progression of summer by the family reunions we attended. For us, summer began with the Memorial Day Picnic. This reunion always … Continue reading

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Middle Bit…….

The middle child often does get left out. In some families they act out more than the other children. In some families they simply remain quiet and become the peacemaker, friendly with all sides. Our middle kid tends to be quieter … Continue reading

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Bling Glam Bloom…….

Alice’s dance to the prom was strewn with dresses, gloves, nail polish, Goldilocks curls, hair accessories and wrist corsages.  MomJami and her cousins glammed* Alice up and took some cool pics.  Alice has done a really good job at school this … Continue reading

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Games We Play…….

Starting is always easier than stopping. I had never played a computer game until last March. The first was a jewel matching game. Next there was Scrabble, then Bookworm Deluxe, Plants vs. Zombies, Jewel Quest 3. I have been through … Continue reading

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A season in every thing……..

According to my former flower shop/green house owner cousin, any plant is a weed if it is not growing where you want. I have pulled up and replanted my fair share of plants and bulbs. I admit to having a … Continue reading

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Tornado Alley…….

Tornado sirens and taking shelter have been a part of my life since always. I do not remember not knowing about finding a safe place in the basement or storm cellar. The next best thing is under a sofa or … Continue reading

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Swinging Barbie……

The local Exchange Club sponsors an annual fundraiser to support their children’s programs.  Restaurants provide a sampling of their food; we pay $25 for four food tickets and a public parking ticket. Mike and I started with lobster stuffed potato … Continue reading

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I believe……

Inspiration for good is easy to find if you are looking…… Laughing with a baby is the most joyous pleasure in the world…. Teenagers really think they do know it all……. The darkest hours of the night are meant to … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day ……

My sister had a project scheduled in the northwest Chicago suburbs this week. She wanted to know what we could do if she came to town on Sunday morning. After checking the calendar and consulting with Sam’s Mom and Mike, we … Continue reading

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My Scrappin’ Bees…..

May 7 is National Scrapbooking Day. I spent the day at an all day “crop”, with a long time cropping friend and several new friends. I have been cropping at Archiver’s with my daughter and several of her friends for … Continue reading

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