Granny Nanny Diaries

Creating a safe, fun and educational space for the sacred responsibility of being a grand parent has been a passion in my life. This page is a fullfillment of my dream. I have met so many wonderful, loving, caring people in my life and want to share my community with as many people as possibe. My grandparents, and the two great-grandparents I was able to meet in my early life, have been an important part of my journey. Granny Nanny Diaries page and the Friends of Granny Nanny group are for people who care about the importance of wisdom and love from those of us drawing closer to the end of a well lived life. We invite dialogue and sharing on topics related to wisdom, fun, travel, products, crafts, etc. Stories of how your grand parents affected your life and ability to be your most productive self are very important to the universe. Please join us, whether you are currently grand parenting your children’s children, grand fostering or being a surrogate grand for a sibling or cousin or other family member, or friend, who is not able to be present in their grandchild’s life. Join us to share stories of your grand parents and tell us what they meant to you in your lifewalk.Welcome to the grand parent journey.