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It’s the culture……….

Over twenty years ago I was a new program director. My executive director wanted me to explore diversity programs we might be able to offer our members. She gave me brochures and pamphlets she had been collecting for years. Her personal … Continue reading

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Taming the Travel Tiger……..

Driving home yesterday was an exercise in patience and self-control. There is not a really good travel route from our house to Sam’s condo which is up north about five blocks from Lake Michigan. The Touhy Avenue entrance ramp onto … Continue reading

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Dashboards, plug-ins and widgets, oh my…….

Several months ago I thought dashboards were attached to steering wheels, a plug-in was inserted into an electrical socket and widgets were made in factories.  I had no idea these items are found everywhere in our world. Without a dashboard … Continue reading

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Everlasting Love……

My 17 year old granddaughter “loves” my blog. She messaged me from Facebook and I am so touched. I was present at her birth. The tension and angst of her mother’s pregnancy fell away as I spent the first day … Continue reading

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Authentic Living..……

My first visit to my very own therapist, not the marriage counselor or the family therapist for the adolescent behavior disordered female living in our home, was a relief. The therapist asked me to make her a list of everything I … Continue reading

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What’s in a name…………

Last December when the grandchildren and I discussed the upcoming blog launch and what it all meant, I asked them to think of names to use online. I want to protect their privacy.* On the advice of an attorney we decided … Continue reading

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Smiley Face……

My first trip to the dentist occurred when I was eight. My mom took my brother and me at the same time.  We thought it was cool to get out of school in the middle of the day. There were … Continue reading

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More Favorite Things……

Gingerbread trim…. coconut bunny cakes…. lazy rivers…. four-leaf clovers…… red, white and blue bunting…… tiramisu….. new box of crayons…. Maple syrup ….. slipper socks…… sunflowers…. Aunt Betty’s German chocolate cake….. blooming Bradbury pear trees…. Rocky Mountains….. Georgette Heyer regency novels…… … Continue reading

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Ever After……

After Mike proposed, I suggested we wait a year to be married. Valentine’s Day would be on a Saturday the next year so why not get married one year from the proposal. Mike agreed. He is always getting man congratulations … Continue reading

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Bee My Valentine….

Valentine’s Day is such a fun holiday. Fourth of July is red, white and blue bunting, parades and fireworks. Halloween is all about creepy crawlies and dressing up. Thanksgiving is giving thanks, stuffing turkeys and eating pumpkin pie. Christmas is … Continue reading

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