The Long Goodbye……

August 18

Alice – Off and on for years we have had many close calls with my grandpa spending so much time with him naturally i had questions and of course i voiced my concerns some of my questions where what would he like people to wear to funeral and just like the movie how to deal the girls boyfriend dies and instead of black she wears the bright yellow outfit that he loved grandpa said basically the same thing you aren’t dressing for the people there you are dressing for Mike Stapleton everyone remember this grandpa is colorful and loving and he loved jokes.

I don’t even feel like today was real I keep wanting to wake up he can’t possibly be gone the last time i saw him he looked just fine he told his nurse that’s my granddaughter and my great granddaughter we laughed and played sam was having a blast so in my head a choice keeps saying its not real it cant be real you saw him laying there he didn’t look right he’s not gone this is all wrong please this is all wrong

Lily – One year ago today, my blessed grandchildren, Sam and Abby lost a grandfather; today they are here with us to honor the life of another. Heavenly Father, give us all strength to walk in your light through really hard days and nights. Amen

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