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Just Tumbling Along…..

Tumbleweeds are a late summer to late winter, western Kansas, eastern Colorado crop. There are tumbleweeds in other parts of the southwest, western Oklahoma and Texas, all over Arizona and New Mexico. However, when I think of tumbleweeds I see … Continue reading

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High Plains Driftin’…..

The plains of western Kansas and high plains of eastern Colorado are beautiful in all seasons. The undulating landscape reaches as far as the eye can see, to where the earth meets the sky. There are fields of corn, milo, … Continue reading

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Rocky Mountain High ……………..

Spending the night somewhere in southwestern Kansas was inevitable.  Experienced from many trips to Colorado by a variety of routes I knew my overnight options in the southeastern part of the state would be thin. My plan was to spend the … Continue reading

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Ferris Wheels, Harley Davidson’s and Wood Burning Cook Stoves……

More years ago than I can remember right now, I coordinated a day of volunteer continuing education workshops. During one of the workshops we were asked to make a list of one hundred things we wanted to do. Not a … Continue reading

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Good, Bad, Ugly

The long weekend was very satisfying. I had a lot of quality time with friends and family. Jami and I were able to connect and make progress on AuroraNightOut. My political junkie heart was warm from good conversation with Max … Continue reading

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Busy Days……….

Hayley and her parents stopped by so Hayley could stay with Grandma and Sam for awhile. Sam and Hayley played side by side with Sam’s toys. Aunt Leslie had to go pick up milk at the dairy store. Hayley went … Continue reading

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First Morning………

My sister and brother are very early risers. When visiting them I like to get up as early as I can make myself. We drink coffee, watch Morning Joe and flip news channels whenever Pat Buchanan is more than we can handle. … Continue reading

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Lilypad on the road……….

We drove to Kansas several days later than expected.  Sam’s mom had a cold and Sam’s ear infection was back so we skipped the first two days of the trip which had included a visit to Allen Field house on … Continue reading

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Taming the Travel Tiger……..

Driving home yesterday was an exercise in patience and self-control. There is not a really good travel route from our house to Sam’s condo which is up north about five blocks from Lake Michigan. The Touhy Avenue entrance ramp onto … Continue reading

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Following My Path

If morning pages* are the threshing action to separate the chaff from the seeds of creativity, the artist date is winnowing the lighter chaff off the grain. In her book, The Artist Way, Julia Cameron gives us her basic tools … Continue reading

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