Winter Wonderland

  We had 21” of snow last week.  There have been over 50” inches of official snowfall in our area this winter season. Snow has been on the ground for a very long time. Mike is still singing the sunny south tune and I admit to fantasies in that direction.  We have been limping along with our snow shovel, broom and local teenagers when snow falls around a weekend. This last snowfall took a hired snow removal truck with a blade and a snow blower.  After they had done their job I wondered how the dogs were faring.

   We have one pet door from the center hall door to the enclosed porch and another out the enclosed porch. I found the snow flattened at the pet door and a path around the parameter of the backyard. Pushing a path through the snow, they took care of their own snow removal.   Princess and Gene are still going in and out at whim and command.

   Jem is not interested in going anywhere except the pillow in my office.  His whim is for me to find the litter box and put it back in use and I understand his distaste for commandlike behavior.  We are both content to hang out in the office together on a snowy Sunday afternoon.

Be careful and keep warm. Jem is…….

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