Exhilaratingly Exhausted……..

We spent the second day of our workshop determining our Ideal Amazing Customers, Creating Multiple Streams of Revenue, Marketing Maximization, Creating a Success Support Team and developing our Inspired Action Plan. We each have an accountability partner. My partner and I will be touching base every day for 10 minutes to let the other know how we are doing with our three daily tasks.

My entrepreneur muse has been whispering in my ear for longer than I realized. As I walked the talk of the Fresh Entrepreneurial weekend, my desire to be responsible for my own income streams and be the boss of myself manifested itself all over the exercises. There were more inspiring quotes and lots of support from the women in attendance. And the view of Navy Pier from Lake Point Tower was wonderful.

Did you know that Zappos has close to 1 million followers on Twitter?  Did you know that Google has a “maniacal focus on the user”? I didn’t and I am impressed with Google’s commitment to their customer and Zappos understanding of the need for customer relationships. That is what we want for www.auroranightout.com customers.

Ready to rock and roll or at least grab hold and grow…….

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