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Last December when the grandchildren and I discussed the upcoming blog launch and what it all meant, I asked them to think of names to use online. I want to protect their privacy.* On the advice of an attorney we decided to use only pseudonyms for 17 years and younger. Any still pictures of them will be from behind or a partial side shot of their head. We will be careful with video blogging.

My oldest granddaughter picked Kyra Rose. The name is one of her story characters. She writes poetry and stories and draws pictures. Kyra is a senior in high school. She lives with her father near Tacoma, WA. We will be traveling there in June to attend her graduation. Kyra took a placement test last year and was able to attend a local community college during her senior year and will graduate from high school with one year of college credits. She competes with her high school girls wrestling team.

Alice’s name came from Twilight, of course. Alice is so into Twilight. She is also really into her friends and helping them out – kind of like Alice, I guess. Alice is a junior in high school and moved from one town to another in Kansas the beginning of this school year. The changes have been very hard for her. She has made friends and is singing in a musical group at her school. Alice is an animal lover and wants to work with animals in the future.

Peter is our oldest grandson and is Kyra and Alice’s younger brother.  He never hesitated on his name. He does not really know why. Kyra thinks he took the name from “The Other Guy”.  He is in the eigth grade and likes video games, math and reading. He had a lot of friends in his previous school and is slowly getting used to the change.

Haylee is ten years younger than Peter. She loves Toy Story and all of the characters. She has a talking Jessie doll, Woody and Buzz. She likes to curl up in her blankets and watch movies. Hayley tries to keep up with her older siblings, Kyra, Alice and Peter.

Kahlan took her name from a fantasy TV series, Legend of the Seeker. She liked the name and thought the character was pretty and spirited. Our Kahlan is in the eighth grade, likes horses, animals, reading, and is a soccer goalie on a traveling soccer team. She and her brother Jacob really like cousin time and have more of it now that Alice, Peter and Hayley are several hours closer. 

Jacob just liked the name Jacob. He is right out there with his likes and dislikes. He is in the fifth grade, plays soccer, goes camping with the Boy Scouts and takes ballroom dancing at school. Last year he asked his parents to rent him a tuxedo for the final performance because his dance instructor asked them to dress spiffy.

Sam is nineteen months old. He has a sunny disposition and never ceases to impress me with his ability to figure things out. He likes motion toys and turns anything with wheels over so he can check out their spin. 

In case you had not noticed I am particularly partial to my grandchildren………

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