My favorite movies to watch again and again……

Sound of Music – The hills are definitely alive and so is Rogers and Hammerstein’s music. I first saw this movie in Mexico City in English with Spanish subtitles. Good for me, my host family, not so much.

White Christmas – Irving Berlin score sung by Bing Crosby, et al. I watch this every Christmas and sometimes in July!

Holiday Inn – Irving Berlin score sung by Bing and danced by Fred. Another annually viewed favorite.

Miracle on 34th Street – Original with Maureen O’Hara and Natalie Wood is my favorite. There is a Santa Claus, my mother said, for those of us who believe.

Little Women –  June Allyson as Jo, Peter Lawford as Laurie Lawrence version is my favorite, although Susan Sarandon as Marmee in the third remake is good and Katherine Hepburn as Jo in the first version are close.

Scaramouch – Bastard nobleman raised by foster parents falls in love with natural brother’s girlfriend. Determined to avenge foster brother’s death at hand of brother, hides out with acting troupe traveling through French country side. Stewart Granger and Janet Leigh are great as the hero and heroine.

Friendly Persuasion – Gary Cooper at his finest in this Quaker way of life clashes with Civil War cultural mores classic. This movie was on KCMO Channel 5 classic movie theatre program with numerous cut s for commercials and to accommodate a two hour time slot, 10:15 PM – 12:15 AM. In the 1960’s the Indian Chief head in a circle test pattern came on at 12:16 AM.

Shenandoah – James Stewart with a fine group of sons unsuccessfully trying to sit out the Civil War. This movie was playing at a Kansas City drive-in theatre the summer several of my siblings and I spent a few days at Aunt Norma’s.

Kid Galahad and Blue Hawaii  – Great Elvis songs sung by Elvis. The plots are weak; the other actors carry these movies.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers – Great musical with hunky backwoods brothers kidnapping town girls like Romans and Sabine women.

Barefoot in the Park – Funny, sexy, tender, beautiful, sympathetic characters played with humor and insight by Robert Redford and Jane Fonda. What’s not to like?

The Way We Were – Smart, savvy, vulnerable woman lives life her way, while fantastic looking preppy man loses his way. The ex-man and I had a huge difference of opinion over who was the injured party in this flick.

Electric Horseman – Smart, sassy reporter meets intense, sarcastic cynical cowboy. Robert Redford and Jane Fonda together again, sigh, with my heart to my chest, better than ever was really great.

Last of the Mohicans – Daniel Day-Lewis with hair! Great scenery and believable setting in this classic remake of James Fennimore Cooper’s classic novel set in the 1760’s American wilderness.

Steel Magnolias – Strong southern women support each other through good and bad times. Strong ensemble cast makes my day.

Fried Green Tomatoes – Macabre twists only found in southern culture! Tawanda!  Ensemble cast of strong women played by strong women. Kathy Bates is a joy!

Love Actually – This movie is just plain wonderful. I laugh and cry through this one at least once a year. All of my favorite British actors in one place makes for a real feel good.

Diet Pepsi, popcorn and peanut M&M’s are calling me………

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