Swinging Barbie……

The local Exchange Club sponsors an annual fundraiser to support their children’s programs.  Restaurants provide a sampling of their food; we pay $25 for four food tickets and a public parking ticket.

Mike and I started with lobster stuffed potato skins at The Historic Roundhouse. Yum! We moved on to the River’s Edge Café located on the Fox River. The chicken salad wrap and brownie were delicious. Our next stop was Tecalitlan where we had an enchilada with rice and beans. The beans were wonderful, made exactly like I remember from my Mexico City exchange student days.

All of the food was great and we met people we knew all along the way. A new friend’s young daughter has taken to me; she thinks I look like her librarian. She helped me Twitter from my @auroranightout account.

Our dessert spot was Le France. I have wanted to stop in since they opened last year. We had chocolate cake layered with chocolate mousse. They provided a free cup of coffee. We shared a bistro table with two sisters who had driven over from other towns. We learned they were originally from Poland and enjoy getting out and exploring new places.

The décor in the French style bakery was delightful. My favorite display was the “life-size” Barbie swinging in the middle of a cake display. There is something about dolls that appeals to the little girl inside of me. I love the “It’s a Small World” ride at Disneyland.

The evening was wonderful and Swinging Barbie was worth the trip. The chocolate mousse cake was pretty good too………….

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