Sunday Lunch……

Last weekend was filled with one experience after another. My friends Cheryl and Vicki picked me up after church. We went to Jason’s Deli, Wanamaker Road on the west side of Topeka. Cheryl came up from Wichita after working a Saturday event. She stayed at Vicki’s and rested up for the next day’s festivities. When the three of us are together our conversations follow all kinds of rabbit trails with twisty turns and lurking obstacles. We laugh and cry and support each other by being totally emotionally present.

Vicki was on her third career and working as a nail technician when I met her. We connected instantly and skipped all kinds of new friendship rituals, jumping right to regular lunch dates. We have not really analyzed this instantaneous bond, which is surprising since we analyze virtually every other aspect of our lives. She has moved on to another career and I miss her manicures.  So far, she is the best manicurist I have had.

Cheryl and I came together through our husbands. We met over one of the best filet mignon I have ever eaten at Hays House* in Council Grove, Kansas. We liked each other immediately and let the husbands think they were in charge of our couple get-togethers for several years. Our friendship transcended both marriages and has become a longlasting, enduring connection.

Cheryl and Vicki met at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport when another friend and I picked them up for my 50th birthday house party weekend. They hit it off immediately. We had such a wonderful time. Our lunch last Sunday was really good and they had me back just in time for my Tea Party.

Good friends really do improve with age………


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