January…more than ice and snow….

Today, my hair tech mentioned the lengthening days and said January would be over soon, February was a short month and then spring would be here. Since one of my particular desires this year is to be present in all areas of my life I thought speeding through January might be counterproductive.

After she left, I wondered what made January unique. Below is a list of national month of January observances compiled from several websites. January as National Oatmeal Month because more oatmeal is consumed during the coldest month of the year makes sense. National Hot Tea Month and National Soup Month are understandable. National Book Month was a surprise. However, I am willing to do my part and read extra books this month. Get Over It Month, National Thank You Month and my personal favorite, Yours, Mine and Ours Month did puzzle me a bit

Yours, Mine and Ours Month. Really? A month about a movie? Not believing what my eyes were seeing I put “Yours, Mine and Ours Month” in the search engine. The first page of sites popped up. Hmm…I was not interested in buying the movie CD and or watching a movie trailer on YouTube. Anyway, my favorite version of Yours, Mine and Ours is the first one with Henry Fonda and Lucille Ball.  Dennis Quaid and Rene Russo and the updated movie script do not really work for me. There were several sites about couples combining their checking, savings and credit cards, or not.  Check out http//eduhelper.com and let me know what you think. There is an answer in there somewhere.

Maybe you can find something to celebrate, honor or be aware of  this month. If you know anything about Yours, Mine and Ours Month, please feel free to share.

National Hobby Month
National Soup Month
National Staying Healthy Month
National Thank You Month
Volunteer Blood Donor Month
Get Over It Month
It’s OK to be Different Month
Love Yourself Month
Clean Up Your Computer Month
Personal Self-Defense Month
Poverty in America Month
Reaching Your Potential Month
Yours, Mine & Ours Month
National Stamp Collectors Month
International Printing Month
Autism Awareness Month
National High-Tech Month
International Creativity Month
Celebrate the Past Month
Crime Stoppers Month
National Letter Writing Month

 Happy January!

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