Medicare Commencement…..

Medicare Commencement…..

The highlight of turning 65 was being eligible for Medicare. Going out to breakfast with Sister Leslie was a treat, too…..

Signing onto Medicare was easy-peasy. Since I have been collecting Social Security (an oxymoron, if I ever heard one) I was automatically enrolled in Medicare A and B. Deciding which supplemental medical (Part C for new bee’s to the system) and prescription drug (Part D) insurance company(s) and plan(s) is a labyrinth.

Making the right decision, for an information research geek such as myself, is time consuming. I had somewhat of an idea and some experience because Mike has been on Medicare since January 2013. The fall of 2012 was spent researching and prepping. We went to the Jayhawk Area Agency for Aging mini-tutorial back in November 2012.

I have signed up for Plan65 at Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas. This will commence on June 1. Still in negotiations regarding dental and prescription drugs coverage with them. Checking with AARP and other sources for other options and I am impressed with the salesmanship offered by all of the different companies. Good thing I am sales personnel resistant.

Not with shoes or purses mind you, only with insurance, cable, Dish Network, Satellite, Internet and cell phone service companies. They are so obvious! Shoes, purses, jewelry hang out on displays looking gorgeous. I am sold before the sales person even shows up. Books are sold before I click on Barnes and Noble Shop icon. I digress..

My personal Plan65 is to enjoy my life, family, and friends; write morning pages; go on a date with myself every week; make new things and sell the old. That is about all I can handle this year.

What about your dreams and hopes for 2016……

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