Breakdown Lane…..

The past two weeks have been fraught (I like that word) with technology drama. My new android phone is working well, only it has trouble receiving some emails. Of course, the emails I want to receive are the ones not getting through. The ancient (2008) desktop computer in the home office (the only office I have right now) decided to allow one of those malware viruses past the firewall and the security system.

Mike (bless his heart) wanted to save us the computer geek charges and was able to get rid of the pesky bug in only four days. Then the print was so small I could not read anything on the screen. After a conference call to 13 year old Peter, I was able to figure out the screen settings situation and now the screen reads like one of those large type books at the library.

And I still have to take the cpu tower to the computer geek guy because my word processing program has disappeared into the bowels of the hardware.  I have had a pesky little nagging pain behind my eyes just thinking about all of my files snagged up among the electronic whatchamacallits and gizmos inside the metal box.

Since this is taking awhile to resolve, I am working on the laptop. The laptop is not my favorite place to think and dream and write and edit, plus I like my laptop downstairs. My office is upstairs where the good office chair is located. Another problem with downstairs is the printer/fax/copier/scanner is upstairs.

So the past two weeks have been a constant upstairs, downstairs, hook-up, unhook, interspersed with worry over the files I may or may not have lost. Today I made a decision to move on. I will not let my personal technology breakdown lane take over my life. There will not be any more whining over what I cannot fix right this moment. I will get right on that as soon as I go vote…….

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